Are you seeking secrets to keeping a clean house because of the anxiety and chaos of the clutter and mess building up around you?

This used to be me. I’d allow my family’s mess to accumulate quickly. And then shut down, or completely explode. Of course, beating myself up afterward.

Not only about the mess I let grow out of hand. But for taking it out on my family. It’s a vicious cycle that’s unproductive and unhealthy. So if that’s you, here are some tips to get out of it.

While researching methods to gain control of my home. I discovered and implemented several secrets to keeping a house clean. Additionally, I discovered a couple of life-savors of my own.

So I’m here to share them with other mothers who may be struggling with anxiety and being consistent with their household chores.

Or who may be losing their cool with their families about the mess! Breathe mama. Better times are ahead.

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1. Make Your Bed First Thing in the Morning

Start your day by making your bed first thing in the morning! It’s a simple task that takes control of your day and sets the mood for success. Giving you a feeling of accomplishment. I’m telling you, it works, and it’s instant.

Making your bed polishes the appearance of your bedroom and may encourage additional tidying up throughout the area.

Did you know that making your bed can change your life? It takes two minutes to start with a fresh slate every morning. Unless, of course, you have an insane amount of throw pillows.

Girl, I know you exist, and your bed is beautiful. Even worthy of a catalog photo. I used to be you. But I’ll leave you with a liberating technique outlined in the short, humorous video below.

Okay, so I didn’t honestly destroy my pillows (donated). And I’m not judging if you thrive on goose down comfort. Lucky! Ultimately, my experience resulted in the pillows inviting unwanted anxiety into my day.

I was trying to maintain an image of perfection that brought no value to my life. So this is one area I let go of. It’s one of my secrets to keeping a clean house.

2. Start Your Day With a Clean Kitchen

One of the best feelings in the world is waking up to a clean kitchen! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come down the stairs and started my day in a bad place.

Awakening to the mess of the night before. For example, dinner dishes stacked up on the counters. Or worse, in my kitchen sink.

Are there any other moms out there who have gone to bed with a dirty slow cooker or Instant Pot? I’m guilty of being that mom sometimes. And the smell that meets your nose when you walk into the kitchen in the morning is anything but pleasant.

Who wants to start their day like that? So why would you continue to set yourself up for failure and disappointment? I stopped it, and my mornings have been met with the smell of brewing coffee instead.

So walking into my kitchen creates a joyful feeling inside of me every morning. It’s such a mood booster that I seldom go to bed with dishes on my counter or in my sink.

Also, on the rare times I don’t completely clean up the night before, I’m alright with it. Be ok with it. Don’t beat yourself up for making time for something else.

But don’t allow leaving the kitchen dirty to evolve into a habit. You already know where that leads.

3. Empty the Dishwasher in the Morning

One of my biggest secrets to keeping a clean house is unloading your dishwasher in the morning. In my home, we use the dishwasher as a drying rack. Handwashing all of our dishes throughout the day.

Unloading the dishwasher in the morning affords me the ability to wash dishes as they are used. This practice keeps my sink and counters clear.

However, if you’re a mother who works outside of the home, this tip still benefits you. It makes the after-dinner clean up much easier following a long day.


4. Complete a Load of Laundry Every Day

What does completing a load of laundry every day mean to you? If you answered, a headache, I like you and let’s be friends! Seriously, laundry doesn’t deserve its own day! Commit to doing one load each day to prevent it from piling up and consuming your off days.

The hardest part is folding it and putting it away! Don’t procrastinate. Focus your energy on putting the laundry back in its desired place once you remove it from your dryer.

If you don’t, its place winds up being crammed into the hamper. Or tossed onto the bed or the couch. Additionally, folding laundry right away eliminates a lot of unnecessary wrinkles. That would otherwise create more work for you later!

5. Clean up After Yourself as You Go

Pick up your mess and take it out of the room with you. For example, every night I take a glass of water to bed with me. So in the morning, I collect that glass and take it downstairs with me.

As well as, any other mess that needs to go downstairs. Additionally, before I leave a room, I scan the area and see if there’s something I can take with me to put away.

In a home with two children, (one being a hyper toddler who won’t quit) it’s not difficult to find something. A good rule of thumb is to never walk into another room empty-handed.

6. Clean up While You Cook

Don’t let that mess build up behind you while you’re cooking, and clean as you go instead. Before you prepare your meal, be sure the dishwasher has been unloaded.

As you prepare your ingredients, rinse measuring cups, spoons, and mixing bowls and load them into the dishwasher. Unless you handwash them, then stack them on the counter until you can wash.

Additionally, wash out cans and jars and recycle them immediately. Break down boxes and add them to the bin, as well. Don’t let them stack up on the counter.

7. Use Cleaners That Excite You

Does the thought of a cleaner exciting you sound silly? Or, do you totally get what I mean? Use cleaners that smell good and that are safer for our environment!

Not only safer for the world around you but your personal space and environment too. My number one of these secrets to keeping a clean house is supporting non-toxic and eco-friendly alternatives to the cancer-causing products typically found under the sink.

My family all suffer from sensitive skin and asthmatic conditions. The harsh chemicals and toxins exacerbate chronic respiratory conditions, allergies, and can cause headaches.

So cleaning my home would honestly cause me anxiety. So much so, that I would procrastinate cleaning.

Especially, in my bathroom. There is nothing worse than being in a confined space with bleach and chemical fumes gagging you, as you scrub. Factor in no window for ventilation and forget it! My sinuses, (and throat) suffer for days.

Finding safe and greener options make cleaning much more enjoyable. Additionally, it feels good to make better choices for the environment.

8. Delegate Chores and Responsibilities

Stop doing all the work yourself. Delegate age-appropriate chores and responsibilities to the other members of your family and let everyone do their part.

Housework evolves into your children’s responsibility later in life, and giving them some routine now will set them up for success. However, be careful not to burden your child with the weight of the entire home.

9. Wipe Down as You Go

To reduce my family’s waste, we’ve (mostly) replaced wipes with reusable towels. However, we keep a couple of packs for emergency spills and on-the-go.

Keep reusable towels handy in both the bathroom and kitchen for easy cleanup. Wipe toothpaste splatter and other filth from your faucets and vanities after brushing your teeth every day. Don’t wait for it to become a dry and crusty chore.

Do you realize that if you wipe things like faucets and countertops every day that you will never need to scrub again? I’m a huge fan of less work.

Furthermore, there is a humble sense of pride in taking care of all the things that make up our home. With a greater sense of relief when it stays neat and tidy.

Also, it keeps your home smelling amazing all of the time. And you never have to worry about the condition of your home if someone drops by unannounced.

10. Sort and Shred Papers

Who else dreads checking their mail these days? Most of the time, my box is filled with junk. That’s immediately tossed into the outside recyclable bin. Why even bring it into the house?

Check your mail when you’re ready to deal with it. Or, designate a mail spot and schedule a time to open, sort, shred, and recycle the papers.

It’s important to shred doctor bills, bank statements, and any other mail with vital information in it before recycling it. We keep our shredder by the mail space to ensure proper disposal.

Additionally, have your kids put their permission slips and school papers in this spot. It’s much easier to deal with all the papers in your home at once. Not allowing piles of paper and newspaper to clutter up your spaces is crucial for managing your anxiety.

11. Keep a Cleaning Schedule

Create and keep a cleaning schedule that works around your schedule. By practicing the tips mentioned above, you’re already halfway there.

Fill in the gaps with additional chores in your home. Also, plan deep cleaning projects out weekly and monthly. I don’t have a separate schedule for tracking my cleaning.

Instead, I use a dry-erase board. That I fill out weekly and can easily add to. Also, I note certain chores and doodle positive reminders in my Life Planner.

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12. Perform 15-Minute Cleanups

Set a timer and get up and clean for 15-minutes. Do you realize how much you can get accomplished cleaning for 15-minutes at a time? Sometimes breaking your cleaning down into 15-minute cleanups for each room can be a huge help.

After you’ve completed 15-minutes, take a time-out. Or, return to your previous activity. In an hour, get up and set a timer and tackle another room. This method is useful for mental health days.

Or, lazy days spent binge-watching Netflix. Trust me, you feel better about binging when there is some productivity involved too.

13. Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

What does that reward look like for you? Perhaps, it’s binging a few episodes of a favorite show? Soaking in a hot bath? Or, fill in the blank with a list of your favorite things.

Whatever that reward looks like to you, use it to motivate you to implement these secrets to keeping a clean house.

14. Love Your Cleaning Tools

In addition to loving your cleaners, invest in cleaning tools that bring joy and simplicity to your cleaning routine! My life changed when I realized that vacuums are no different than anything else. You get what you pay for!

My prior stance involved me not wanting to spend money on a vacuum. So I didn’t and it sucked. Ironically, I’m speaking of the situation and not the vacuum!

When my sister upgraded to her Dyson, (most amazing vacuum ever) she gifted me with her slightly-used Shark vacuum.

And I learned my lesson. Pay a little extra and experience a dramatic difference in the results. What is your absolute must-have cleaning tool?

15. Donate or Sell Excess Regularly

Donate the mess and be rid of the stress! How much stuff do you have cluttering your home right now that you never use and don’t need?

I bet it’s more than you realize. One of my immediate thoughts regards the mountains of toys my children are gifted over the holidays. How many do they really play with?

Clear out your drawers, closets, and cupboards. Rid your pantry and garage of unused items and excess. All of that clutter has a negative impact on mental health. Naturally, removing it helps manage stress and reduces anxiety.

Do you have any additional secrets to keeping a clean house? Please add them to the comments below. Also, if you found this information helpful would you bless me with a social share? Thanks! You’re awesome for that 🙂

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