Life is unpredictable and rarely goes as planned. So it’s essential to understand how to stay positive during difficult times.

Lately, it feels as though the world is in exhaustive unrest. It’s nearly impossible to escape the weight of being continuously bombarded with breaking news about the coronavirus pandemic.

As well as all the political turmoil and division in our country.

Now, more than ever, we must establish what we can handle and refuse to take on anything extra. So setting boundaries and practicing self-care is critical for remaining positive.

Here are a handful of tips to help you with how to stay positive in difficult times. Bookmark this post to revisit for continued reflection.


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How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times By Practicing Good Health

It’s no secret that establishing a good routine is the secret to breaking bad habits. Although, sometimes that is easier said than done.

Especially if you’re not a very health-conscious person.

My advice is to focus on one habit at a time until you’re able to regulate a routine that works for you. Besides, attempting to change too many things at once is a recipe for failure.

1. Get Adequate and Well-Rested Sleep

Perhaps the most crucial element to living healthy is to get good sleep. Adults are supposed to achieve 7-8 hours of sleep each night to experience rested benefits.

Substitute sleeping with the television with a Douni Sleep Sound Machine. In addition to white noise, it features seven fan sounds and ten nature sounds. Such as ocean waves, rainforest, and a campfire.

It’s a complete game-changer and ensures a better night’s sleep.

Typically, sleep sound machines help you stay asleep more soundly through the night.

Also, stop hitting the snooze button. It repeatedly disorients your body and makes drowsiness and grogginess worse.

2. Start Your Day Off Right

What sets your mood to awesome every time? Is there a song that will get you up and moving? Play it!

Start your day off right and keep that morale going.

For example, I’m greeted each morning with this beautiful sentiment,

Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

— Dalai Lama XIV

It’s an affirmation art plaque that I have sitting on my dresser to ensure my mindset is influenced with positivity first thing.

3. Practice 10-Minutes of Yoga

Additionally, start your day with ten minutes of yoga. Yoga is a newer practice for me but has been life-changing.

Nothing will destroy positivity, like being in pain.

For years I’ve struggled with back and neck injuries from a car accident. Doing only ten minutes of Yoga in the morning has brought me immense pain relief.

In fact, the relief is immediate. And on the days that I skip yoga, I’m regretting it by bed-time. Seriously, in only ten minutes a day, my pain management has been transformed.

As well as, I sleep better.

So I highly encourage everyone to commit to it for one month. They’ll be no going back. At first, it can be an intimidating activity.

It takes time to coordinate breathing while learning the poses.

But don’t become overwhelmed. Choose free beginner routines on YouTube, and in a matter of no time, you’ll be able to follow along easily.


4. Exercise More

Similarly, get more exercise. Yoga is a fantastic warm-up to working out because it stretches your body. However, the body desires more than those ten minutes.

It’s recommended to get at least 30 minutes each day. So how do you achieve this while remaining optimistic? Especially if fitness is a new concept for you?

Discover routines that are fun for you! For example, do you enjoy dancing? Or playing video games? Combine those activities with dance exercise games.

And personalize your workout experience.

Because quarantine has shut down the gyms, I’ve invested in a couple of exercise machines to help me to stay positive during these difficult times.

My favorite is my SideShaper Pro. After only five minutes a day, it feels like I’ve done a thousand crunches. It’s rewarding to feel the machine working right away.

Additionally, it folds down for under-the-bed storage. Similarly, this Ultra-Quiet Folding Exercise Bike folds up for convenience. Also, it’s lightweight and on wheels.

It’s super simple to jump on the bike for 30 minutes while watching television. Or listening to a podcast or your favorite playlist.

5. Eat a Healthier Diet

Do you realize that the foods you eat impact your mental health? The standard American diet is devastating to both physical and mental health.

For example, studies comparing a typical Western diet to the Mediterranean Diet found that the risk of depression is 25% to 35% lower in those who eat the Mediterranean diet.

So recognizing this truth should help you make better food choices.

If you fill-up on refined sugars and processed foods, you’re going to feel like garbage.

And that makes it impossible to stay positive. Here is a quick beginner’s guide to the Mediterranean Diet. To aid you in finding healthier alternatives.

6. Keep a Daily Life Planner

Keeping a Daily Life Planner helps you to stay organized and focused on your goals. Write down three things to do each day rather than creating long to-do lists.

And then remain diligent about completing these tasks.

Also, keeping a daily life planner makes it easier to establish a routine and follow a schedule. So you can ensure you’re getting your daily yoga, exercise, and other daily tasks.

Furthermore, you can create grocery lists and meal plans. To assist you with healthy eating.

How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times By Spending Time With God

Spending time with God is our number one tip on how to stay positive during difficult times. Putting God at the center of your life is imperative for remaining optimistic.

Sometimes that is easier said than done. So here are a few ways to open that communication and connection.

7. Say Your Prayers

Talk to God and ask for the things you want to see come to fruition in your life. Communicate your worries and concerns, and seek God’s guidance on the matters. You can pray in the morning, before bed, while you’re driving, or in the shower.

In fact, there is no right or wrong place to say prayers.

If speaking out loud feels weird, or getting on your knees is too formal, commit to keeping a prayer journal. I incorporate prayer and gratitude into my morning yoga routine.

8. Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude guarantees optimism in your outlook. I started with The One-Minute Gratitude Journal. But have evolved into incorporating gratitude practices into yoga and my prayer journal. And sometimes I jot things down in my life planner.

End your yoga sessions by giving thanks to the Lord. By expressing two or more things that you are grateful for each day.

Gratitude can be expressed for anything from a financial blessing to a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. There isn’t a determined list of things or people to be grateful for.

So give thanks for any energies that bring you joy.

Starting your day with a gracious heart sets your day up for success. Naturally, not every day will go smoothly. But your attitude and mindset will be prepared to handle life’s inevitable curveballs.


9. Meditation

Another way to connect with God is through meditation practices. Similar to yoga, this can be an overwhelming activity in the beginning. But don’t give up too soon.

Discovering the ability to quiet your mind is a life-changing skill.

Meditation is a great tool for achieving mindfulness and being focused on the present time. For example, find a comfortable space and commit to two minutes of breath concentration.

Focus on inhaling and exhaling while quieting your mind from anything else.

How did that feel? Was it a little uncomfortable and maybe more difficult than you imagined? That’s a natural reaction to positive changes. Stick with it and educate yourself about meditation for beginners.

To experience a closer connection both to yourself and with God.

10. Spend Time With Nature

Another incredible way to connect with God is to marvel at the creation. Get into nature. There is a multitude of reasons that nature is the answer. For example, the fresh air, soothing sounds, and it’s a technology-free zone.

Every time I visit the ocean or drive into the mountains, I come back with less stress and anxiety. Additionally, nature can calm anger and fear.

Furthermore, nature’s been known to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension.

How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times By Helping Others

Did you know that having a charitable heart and performing good deeds are terrific boosts for your mental health?

11. Make a Donation

So what are you waiting for? Donate to an organization or charity. Here are eight charities that give over 90% raised funds to their cause.

Always research programs before giving. You would be surprised by how many have bad reputations for how they designate their donated funds.

12. Volunteering

If donating money isn’t a viable option, donate your time instead. Search for local opportunities to volunteer your services. Places like soup kitchens, food banks, hospitals, and churches are always in need of volunteers.

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How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times Practicing Self-Care

Practicing self-care is essential to mental health. Moreover, it’s how to stay positive during difficult times.

Self-care can be a lot of things to different people. Here are a few practices that I use to remain calm and collected.

13. Set Boundaries

First and foremost, set boundaries and enforce them. Learn to say no. Cut off negative influences and toxic relationships. If there is one thing I wish I would have learned sooner in life, it’s to let go of unhealthy people.

Trust me. They’re not going to change and be better.

And if they do, awesome. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer their shit show until they figure it out.

You can love them, forgive them, want good things for them but still move on without them.

Mandy Hale

Absolutely. Read that over and over again until it sticks. Do you know your self-worth? Well, do you?

14. Focus on What You Can Control & Remain in Present Time

Additionally, let past stresses and future anxiety go. I know, easier said than done. However, it’s pertinent that you only focus on the things that you can control.

Because no amount of stress or worry is going to change the things you cannot control. No amount of obsessing or venting about it will either. All it does is interrupt your peace and sanity.

15. Read a Book

Read a book. That’s right. Allow yourself to get completely lost in a novel. Or check out a self-help book.

Alternatively, choose a book that teaches you something new.

And if you don’t have time to read a book, then listen to one. Audiobooks play splendidly over the background of noisy neighbors and dreadful traffic jams.

AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for Less

16. Create a Calming Environment

Create a calming environment by surrounding yourself with things that exude peace and tranquility.

For example, I’ve surrounded myself with indoor water fountains and essential oil diffusers. The sound of trickling water soothes me. And aromatherapy alleviates my anxiety.

Plus, I really love smell goods!

Additionally, I use my Douni sound machine to create different ambiance and moods. What does a calming environment look like to you?

What peaceful additions will you use to create a harmonious environment?

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17. Turn Off the News

I’m serious, turn off the news. You don’t need it. Watching the news and obsessing over every bad thing that is happening is detrimental to your mental health.

Again, to remain positive during difficult times, it’s important to focus only on what you can control.

And nothing is happening in the news that you have any legitimate control over.

So why carry the weight of the world on your shoulders? Watching news has been linked to both physical and mental health problems.

Such as depression, anxiety, heart disease, digestion issues, and headaches. As well as weight gain and memory and concentration impairment.

If something happens in the world that you need to know about, you’ll get an alert. There’s no escaping it completely.

So turn it off and leave it off.

18. Take a Social Media Hiatus

One of the best decisions I made was leaving Facebook for a year. In fact, I deactivated all of my social media accounts.

At first, I continuously reached for my phone. Desperate to kill time with the infinite scroll. But within a week, I felt relief.

Followed by insane motivation and productivity. When you remove the distraction from your life, it’s easy to find time to do other things.

Moreover, social media has also been linked to mental health conditions. Such as depression, anxiety, stress, and even narcissism.

Deactivate those accounts and delete the apps from your phone. Trust me. You’ll be amazed at how much negativity is gone.

You might find yourself never going back. It’s liberating.

19. Take a Drive

Have you been cooped up in quarantine? Perhaps, bogged down with working from home and virtually schooling the kids? Same.

One of my favorite ways to get out of the house is to take a scenic drive. And my kids love it too.

In fact, so much so that my two-year-old doesn’t sleep through car rides anymore. Afraid she’ll miss out on an adventure.

Create a fun playlist and jam out in the car. Whether it’s a drive with the family or a personal outing, the right music can make all the difference.

20. Treat Yourself

Do we have any Parks and Recreation fans reading? I can’t even speak those words without thinking of Tom and Donna.

And I love it and have adapted it as my mantra!

Too often, as mothers, we put the needs of everyone else ahead of ours. So much so that we neglect our own needs.

For example, since having children, I no longer afford the same wardrobe. As well as perfumes, shoes, and handbags.

So when I treat myself, I tend to treat from that list. Here are some outstanding gift ideas for moms to indulge themselves.

What will you treat yourself with?

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How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times With Socially Distanced Activities

Finding activities other than watching television and scrolling social media is ideal for remaining positive in difficult times. Here are a couple of activities to do for yourself.

As well as a couple to socially distance with friends.

21. Adult Coloring

Did you know that adult coloring has been shown to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety? It’s true, and it’s a remarkable way to unplug and unwind.

In fact, there’s been an explosion of adult coloring books in recent years. Their most popular genres are mandalas, geometric shapes, animals, and swear word coloring books. That’s right! People are calming their nerves by adding color to their favorite curse words.

On the other hand, coloring is a wonderful activity to engage with your children, regardless of age.

Coloring creates a space to slow down and open communication.

Establishing valuable connections with your child is crucial to remain positive during difficult times.

Remember if you’re struggling, it’s likely that they are struggling too.

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22. Journaling

Do you want to know how to stay positive in difficult times? Start journaling. Having a place to organize your thoughts, dump out all your worries, and express gratitude is life-changing.

I’m a sucker for Erin Condren’s Journals because I enjoy her life planners so much! In fact, I received her Wellness Petite Planner for Christmas, and I’m convinced that she creates the best organization tools.

Alternatively, you can start on a journey of self-discovery with guided journals for women. Follow the journal prompts to explore self-reflection, healing, and positive thinking.

As well as setting and achieving your goals.

23. Game Night

One way to get the entire family away from the screens is to host a family game night. Also, it’s a fun way to engage and laugh with your loved ones.

Or, throw a Zoom game night and invite all of your friends. There are tons of fun games that you can play virtually. Such as bingo, card games, twenty-questions, and trivia games.

And for you naughtier audiences, Cards Against Humanity is always a riot. Add snacks and your favorite beverage and have a fabulous time.

24. Zoom With Friends

In addition to having game night virtually, use Zoom for other virtually socially distanced activities. Such as,

  • Fitness Class with Friends
  • Sip and Paint Party
  • Weekly Book Club
  • Themed Lunch or Dinner Party
  • Sing Karaoke
  • Watch a Movie With Your Bestie

That concludes our tips on how to stay positive during difficult times. Are you going to practice any of them? Please let me know which one(s) in the comments below.

Also, did you notice only 24 tips made our list? That’s because I want you to add positive tip 25 for my readers. Seriously, it will make my whole day. Thank you! You’re awesome for that! 🙂

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