The GuruNanda essential oils diffuser and humidifier is being promoted on The Doctor’s Show, ABC News Morning Shows, and The Wendy Williams Show. To name a few.

Everybody is talking about the best GuruNanda essential oils diffuser. And with good reason! These are incredible quality diffusers. And a few models even double as a full-functioning humidifier! An essential element during the colder months.

There are several health benefits to having a humidifier in circulation. For example:

  • Better Sleep
  • Healthier Skin
  • Hydrated Lips
  • Relief of Nasal Congestion
  • Sore Throat Relief

So what makes them better than the competition? Besides being the first of their kind. There are several reasons to ensure the GuruNanda is your top choice!

Most of these are available on Amazon. But I discovered they are more affordable directly from GuruNanda. So I’ve included both for your shopping convenience.

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GuruNanda Essential Oils Diffuser Starter Kit

The GuruNanda Diffuser W/ Top 6 Oil Blends is the perfect essential oil starter kit. Designed for smaller spaces. Including the top six essential oils:


Relaxation, Calming Sleep, Immunity, Harmony, Breathe Easy, and Tranquility.

Best GuruNanda Tower Diffuser & Humidifier

You’ve probably seen the GuruNanda Tower Diffuser promoted on your favorite morning news and daytime talk shows? It’s being featured as a must-have beauty and wellness item.

Firstly, the GuruNanda Tower Diffuser XL ultrasonic essential oil diffuser features a sleek design. With a powerful mist. Secondly, it doubles as a full-featured humidifier! Thirdly, it’s ideal for larger spaces in your home. Lastly, it includes LED lights and remote control access!

Because it features a top fill design, it’s simple to use. And easy to clean! Furthermore, it allows you to eliminate dry air by adding humidity to the space around you.

Which is crucial for the fall and winter months. Add 15-20 of your favorite GuruNanda Essential Oils to enjoy their therapeutic benefits. With a two-liter capacity that makes it twenty-times the water capacity of your typical aromatherapy diffusers!


Breathe easier and inhale the wellness benefits of GuruNanda therapeutic grade essential oils.

It should be noted that it has a mist volume that is 10-20 times that of a traditional diffuser. For an extraordinary wellness experience. Also, it features a sixteen-hour run time! So that you can set it up and go about your day.

GuruNanda Humidifier & Diffuser Halo XL

On the other hand, the GuruNanda Halo XL is the newest addition to the GuruNanda collection.

Equally to the Tower XL, the GuruNanda Halo XL doubles as an oil diffuser and a full-functioning humidifier. But they mist up to 22 hours! Giving it a slight advantage over the tower.

Similarly, it features a top fill design for simple access and cleaning. Furthermore, it includes timers to shut off the mist and optional lighting. And optional sleep modes. Also, there is an automatic safety shut off. So you can set it up and forget about it!


Emits powerful, room-filling fragrances with healthy humidification.

Best GuruNanda Essential Oils Diffuser & Light Globe

Without a doubt, the GuruNanda Light Globe Diffuser is a welcomed addition to any room. Displaying, flashing, and color-changing lights. Additionally, there is an auto-shut-off for safety.


Also, it can diffuse for up to 18 hours in a room. And as far away as 250 feet away in the intermittent mode.

Furthermore, there’s a Globe Special Bundle that includes six top oils! So grab it now for a limited time only!

Best GuruNanda Personal Diffuser

This GuruNanda Diffuser is not available on Amazon. Features both continuous and intermittent mist modes. As well as a color mood-enhancing display. And it runs for 3-6 hours. Activate turbo mode to emit extra powerful mist for five minutes.


GuruNanda Modern Essential Oils Diffuser

Also, it has an auto shut-off when water runs low. 

Similarly, The GuruNanda Honeycomb Diffuser provides 3-6 hours of aromatherapy. Both cover an area of 200 square feet. But this diffuser acts as a small-scale cool-mist humidifier.


GuruNanda Honeycomb

Alternate between 7+ colors for mood.

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GuruNanda Plug-In Diffuser

Check out the GuruNanda Natural Mist Pluggy 2.0. It’s a natural misting waterless diffuser! Lasting up to 30 days. These are ideal for small spaces and work.

Best GuruNanda Diffuser Oils

All GuruNanda Essential Oils are therapeutic grade and follow the highest purity standards. Additionally, these oils are farmed globally and their production provides jobs and economic growth in developing countries that need it the most.

GuruNanda Essential Oils Starter Kit

First and foremost, The GuruNanda Starter Kit has the most adorable box. Secondly, it includes their top six blends. Lastly, it’s straight from the farm to you!


Also, True Lavender is perfect for restful sleep.

That concludes this list of Gurunanda essential oil diffusers. Did you find the best one for your wellness needs? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks! You’re awesome for that 🙂

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